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Here's what past participants have to say about the STEM Educator Symposium:

"I am most excited about the connections I have made with other educators and communities!"

"I am changing my entire curriculum around a real problem and letting the students run with it while at the same time integrating pertinent standards."

"This has been a GREAT experience!  We learned form people who are in the teen he's and were able to connect with businesses that can help make our implementation easier."

"This has been SO good for me!  I came in thinking about STEM in one way and I am leaving thinking about it in an entirely new, more empowered direction!"

"I have so many good ideas.  Can't wait to assemble a team to implement STEM activities!"

Are you:

  • A leader in STEM / STEAM Education? 
  • Passionate about STEM  / STEAM Education?
  • Eager to learn from others about STEM / STEAM Education?
  • Willing to work to change STEM / STEAM Education in your community?
  • Willing to commit to a STEM/ STEAM integration action plan? 
  • Wanting to be an Agent of Change?
  • Willing to commit to attending all three days?


Stem educator symposium

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