The STEM Institutes and Preston Middle School are hosting the fifth annual STEM Educator Symposium. 

Dates: June 14th to 16th, 2017.

Location: Preston Middle School, Fort Collins, Colorado

SES will be held in conjunction with the STEM Institutes (elementary and middle school).


The STEM Educator Symposium is designed to enable STEM / STEAM Educators and STEM / STEAM Businesses to share practices that will result in a larger and more effective STEM workforce. Become an Agent of Change!

"How will you make the world better?"

Why do so many students get excited about science and engineering but lose that interest?  Do students of color access STEM?  Why are girls not pursuing STEM studies? These are questions of interest to educators, business leaders and other decision-makers across the county.

The world has some big challenges!  Increasing the availability of clean energy, providing enough food and clean water for an increasing world population, designing for upcycle, space for humanity are all problems for which science, technology, engineering and math can help provide solutions.

Mary Kay Sommers, Past President of the National Association of Elementary Schools Principals says of the STEM Educator Symposium,

Sponsored by

Stem educator symposium

Armand Doucet:

Top 50 teacher, Visionary award winning educator & businessman-Community leader, Lifelessonlearning founder, ADE 2015 & Keynote speaker.

Twitter: @DoucetArmand

2017 Presenters:

"One of the most interactive, inspiring and educational experiences that will impact your thinking and teaching immediately!"

We are updating the site for 2017!  Check back often!


2017 STEM Educator Symposium:

Equity: STEM for ALL!

‚ÄčThe STEM Educator Symposium is a low-cost, three-day STEM staff development for teachers, administrators of K-12 institutions, college and university professors of pre-service teachers, and community and business leaders who want to support high-quality STEM / STEAM education in their communities.


Would you like to spend time with a selective group of educators and business people who share your commitment to STEM / STEAM education? Are you looking for ways to get your students excited about high-level learning? Would you like to increase your students' academic confidence and competence? Would you like to learn with experts in problem-based teaching and learning? How would you enjoy beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado in April?